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We offer training in improvement tools, environmental performance assessment, quality risk assessment, FMEA. these are custom designed to suit the client and usually are undertaken alongside a consultancy project.

  • SPC strategy , improvement tools and Process Analytical Techniques
  • Process Capability Studies and improvements
  • Design of Standard Operating Procedures
  • ISO9000 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • Defining Specification Limits
  • FMEA

Below are a selection of SPC related courses and workshops.

SPC and Improvement Tools
  • Our highly experienced trainers will provide training on your designated site including, preparation of course materials, delegate course pack , training certificates.
  • We cover foundation level SPC and statistics through to advanced level automation of workflow backed by a high level SPC consultancy service and software integration service.
  • Examples of courses at various levels are included and you can pick and mix individual modules. In practice we always agree the scope and content in advance to suit your detailed requirements and industry.
  • We prefer to use your data examples and case studies where possible as a basis for training as this is more useful to you than dealing with unrelated data.
  • The “hands on” courses are based on up to six delegates which may be adjusted in suitable circumstances. We recommend a maximum of two persons per workstation.
  • We can offer industry based courses for special subjects such as how to use SPC in the Pharmaceutical sector.
  • We will discuss and agree the training scope, programme and dates. Prior to the event we will advise you of requirements for the course and send you an information pack on setting up the system for the training. We will liaise with you IT department as needed.

If you want to arrange a training course, or discuss the possibilities, please send back the coupon below, or just contact Norman Greig at:

 (7 +44 (0) 1371 859 200, e-mail:




Applied Statistical Process Control Seminar - Foundation level


Quality Analyst Workshop - Introductory


Quality Analyst Workshop and Applied SPC Seminar


Getting the most out of Quality Analyst Workshop - Pick and Mix Workshop


Quality Analyst Advanced Applications with DBC


Skills update/refresher course for Quality Analyst Version 6.2


Quality Analyst SPC QuickStart

Synopsis of SPC courses





Max persons

SPC1 Applied Statistical Process Control Seminar - Foundation level

Basic statistics -SPC -Control charts – Setting Specifications - Process capability

This is a general course not specifically for Quality Analyst users.

(Intermediate and advanced level courses are also available for experienced SPC Practitioners who need to develop their skills further)

1 day


SPC2 Quality Analyst Workshop –Introductory

This introductory course will get you up to speed fast and help implement Statistical Process Control in the workplace. By the end of the course the delegates will be able to create and manipulate QA files, create charts, make process capability plots and reports and create run files to start automation

Can include a brief refresher module on basic SPC if required.

1 day


SPC3 Quality Analyst Workshop and Applied SPC Seminar-

This introductory course combines SPC1 and SPC2 and is a good starting point for those with little or no experience of SPC who also need to become competent in using Quality Analyst in a short time.

We will tailor the mix between SPC and using Quality Analyst to suit the delegates.

2 days


SPC4 Getting the most out of Quality Analyst – Pick and Mix Workshop

You pick training units from a number of modules from our lists to make your own custom fit course. 8 units make 1 day’s course. Maybe you want to concentrate on Process Capability or you want to cover a number of topics.

Can be for beginners through advanced level

1 day


SPC5 Quality Analyst Advanced Applications with DBC

Assumes delegates have adequate knowledge of operating system and basic charting and data entry functions

q    SPC strategy and System Review.

q    Using External files, converting, copying, linking

q    Automating Workflow Creating automatic routines using RUN files

q    Networking  and Multiple user access

q    Customising Quality Analyst

q    Connectivity with external databases and platforms

q    Connecting and updating files automatically

We can take some of your example requirements and work through the methods as case studies to achieve the desired result. We give estimates for more complex or intensive application development.

1 day


SPC6 Skills update/refresher course for Quality Analyst version 6

Covers the new features of version 6 with refreshers on delegate selected topics. Can include validation and 21CFR11.

For users with at least basic experience of Quality Analyst

1 day


QAC1 Quality Analyst SPC QuickStart

Quality Analyst Software and Training Course Combined Package

Now it’s easy to get started on SPC with our software and training package. We will supply a 5 user Quality Analyst LAN Licence (at a discount) and provide training for up to 6 Delegates at your designated site to help you configure QA, get your SPC system up and running and feel confident about using Quality Analyst.

1 day


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